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Vue Weekly Studios: Are We There Yet?

Ivan Wassam live fan video, Blackdog, Edmonton

Fifty-Three Bells video shot on Super 8 by Pixie Cram

Redwater Flow 2009 at Sky Locked Land CD release, Edmonton

The Sweeter Air 2009 at Sky Locked Land CD release, Edmonton

I've A Lie at Black Sheep Inn, 2003

Rew RO Ottawa - Sunny Day (2001, with Peter Webb)

Audio Samples (radio, pre-release versions, live cuts, interview)

CBC Rimouski inverview with performance of Helene, performance of Georgie.

Wildmere on Thunder Bay's Lakehead University Radio, May '06.

Ivan Wassam (live 2005 - unmastered board mix)

Redwater Flow

Girl Of The Hour

Smoky Lake Moon

The Pines

One By One


Tchir's 3rd album, Wooden Castles Fall (2005) crosses a spectrum of folk-country laced with pedal-steel and Rhodes organ, horn-driven shuffles, and bar room ballads. Characters on this record include Ukrainian-Canadian moonshine brewers circa 1917, Canmore Hotel barflies asking Queen Lizzy on the old twenty bill for romantic advice, Parliament Peace Tower elevator operators, Alberta grain elevator peace operators, Great Lake princesses, and Athabasca valley dreamers. It was recorded with the help of many of Ottawa's finest young musicians, mostly regulars of the popular Nostalgica Café hootenanny. It was recorded by Jason Jaknunas in Sandy Hill, Ottawa, and features the musical support of Pierre Chrétien, Peter Webb, Craig Simon, John Carroll, Stephen Tchir, Al Bragg, Lindsay Ferguson, Steve Patterson, Ray Murray, Rozalind MacPhail, Nathan Morris, Jesse Cooke, Allyson Rogers, Erin Barnhardt, Neil Gerster, Phil Lafrenière, and Jason Jaknunas.

Thursday Heroes (live)

Thursday Heroes, which Tchir co-produced, is a collection of seven original poems and twelve original songs performed by regulars at the Café Nostalgica Open Stage, Ottawa, which Tchir co-hosted from 2001-2004.  The title track, written and performed by Trevor, is about the people who have made the place magic over the last few years.

Elevate Achilles

Wind At Water's Edge

St. Peter At The Gate

Knowing You're All Right

Tchir's second CD, November (2001), features themes about young romance and commitment, spiritual fulfilment, and ecological responsibility.  It highlights Tchir's finger-picking guitar style, but is powered also by the Hammond and Rhodes organ of Souljazz Orchestra's Pierre Chrétien, the guitar of Chris Lochner, the bass of J.W. Jones Band's Nathan Morris, and the vocals of Peter Webb, Julie Larocque, Nadia Fauteux, and Jacob Two-Two's Mary-Kate Haché.  The album was recorded and mixed between October and April, 2001, by Jason Jaknunas at Raven Street Studios in Ottawa.

Paddle Brother

When The Night Comes Down

Tchir's first album, The Way I Feel Today (1999) was recorded live-to-tape by fellow singer-songwriter Peter Webb at Nelson Street Recording, Sandy Hill, Ottawa. This debut release features original tunes that are melodic, meaningful, and timeless, performed with the simple ingredients of voice, acoustic guitar, and harmonica.

Full lyrics and musical credits are included in the liner notes of each album.